Mrs Laura Cole

Deputy Headteacher 

Mr Damien Bond




Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Mrs Andrea Bromley (Job Share)

Mrs Katherine Earnshaw (Maternity)

Ms Jenny Oates (Job Share)

Miss Kerrie Shepherd

Mr Damien Bond (Job Share)

Miss Sue Birkinshaw (Job Share)


Mrs Judi Gallagher

Mrs Lucy Brown (Student)

Miss Beth Hudson (Job Share)

Mrs Sue Haslam (Job Share)


Ms Kate Gledhill


Support Staff


Office Manager

Administrative Assistant



Kitchen Assistants

Mrs Nicola Taylor


Mrs Sandra Roebuck



Mr Ray Haigh



Mrs Debbie Thornton



Mrs Annette Bullen

Mrs Gayle Simpkins


Teaching Assistants

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Sports Coach

Out of School Club Leader

Out of School Club Assistants

Mr Roger Seymour

Miss Rachel Claydon

Ms Kate Gledhill

Miss Jade Pearson

Mrs Sarah Ogden

Mrs Lucy Brown

Mrs Helen Bramley

Mrs Helen Kirkby

Mrs Sarah Brain

Mrs Sharon Brown

Miss Michelle Hatchett

Mrs Louise Croft

Mr Roger Seymour

Miss Lucy Lockwood (Play Leader)

Miss Lucy Lockwood

Ms Carol Oxley

Miss Lucy Lockwood (Deputy Leader)

Mr Jack Lockwood

Ms Irina Radionowa (Relief)