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Well the Autumn term is now behind us- I’m sure you’ll agree Class 2 were amazing and I hope you enjoyed finding out about our Busy Bodies topic over the term and hearing about our focus on kindness and Anti Bullying. (Our kindness tree is now overflowing with leaves!)

Not only did we work really hard in the classroom, but we enjoyed undertaking activities such as judo this year. Check out the photos of us in action! It was fantastic ending 2017 with our wonderful Nativity performances and we hope you enjoyed receiving the lovely Christmas baubles and cards which the children created. Now to welcome in 2018- your Class 2 calendar is a superb way to start the year!

Welcome to the Spring term, where our topic focus is My World, Your World; looking at the UK and Africa. As always we’ll be working hard but having lots of fun! We’ll be participating in a drumming workshop as part of our learning, which I’m sure will be fabulous.

As always we will utilise our topic in a range of lessons; in Literacy through the use of texts associated with Africa, such as Handa’s surprise. We’ll use our role play areas to put topic into context and to apply our maths skills, such as understanding and reading time, using money and calculating distances. In Science we’ll look at different plants and animals found in different areas. We’ll link this to our understanding of the needs of plants and look at the different habitats that animals live in and some of the reasons why.  

We’ve also got our class assembly coming up so we’ll share some of our previous learning from the Autumn term and introduce you to some of our new learning from this Spring. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for all your support over the Autumn term. We’re looking forward to a superb Spring….. Keep an eye on these pages for photos and updates throughout the year.



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RWI Spelling video- Y2 spelling rule


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Anti -Bullying

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Common exception spellings

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