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Class 2



Miss K Shepherd

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Brown (Mon, Tues)

Mrs Thomas (Tues)

Mrs Bramley (Weds, Thurs)

Miss Pearson (1:1)


We've been enjoying our new topic  this term; My World, Your World; exploring the UK and comparing our world with Australia. We've been developing our geography skills and utilising our Travel Agent role play area to develop our global understanding and financial knowledge.

In Literacy we've enjoyed exploring the work of Linda Kranz.  We used this as inspiration for our own under the sea stories. We're also going to be developing our non fiction skills when we create a non- chronological  report about the Great Barrier Reef.

We are still having a huge focus on Respect within school; children will be given a respect ticket whenever they are demonstrating respect. When they earn this (from any member of staff) they will add their name and place this into the class jar. At the end of the week these will be totalled and the winner with the most tickets will be announced in Monday's assembly.

In maths we’ve continued to revisit our understanding  of place value (tens, ones) and addition and subtraction and  number bonds.  Additionally we've developed our multiplication and division skills, with the Y2's also undertaking the weekly Golden 20 challenge and the half termly Mega Maths Multiplication challenge.  We'll continue to apply our knowledge in a range of problems and contexts, with a varied style of questions so that we can demonstrate our mastery.


My World, Your World

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Y2 Spelling rule

Common exception words

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Golden 20

To help develop our mental maths skills and develop fluency each week the Y2s undertake the Golden 20 challenge. This is for for both multiplication and division.  The children have 10 minutes to complete the multiplication or division number sentences (see the example above) . When they are successful they will then attempt to complete this in a shorter period of time, before moving onto the next Golden 20 challenge. These are focused on the 2,5 and 10 times tables, so any help at home working on these would be great. Whilst we won't focus on the calculation methods for multiplication and division at this point in the year these are great mental skills to practise. We will also still continue with the half termly Mega Maths Multiplication challenge, for which children achieve a certificate upon completion.

Maths methods

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