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Class 4

Spring Term 2018


             Welcome to Class 4

Class Teachers: Mrs Gallagher  

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brown, Miss Gledhill, Mr Seymour


Welcome back! Class 4 certainly had a fun-filled Autumn term. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Tudors; using a conscious alley to debate the rightful heir to the throne, baking bread for our Tudor banquet, visiting a dungeon at Skipton Castle and learning calligraphy so we can write a secret letter to King Henry himself! We created dragon sock puppets, investigated how Komodo dragons are adapted to their environment and wrestled with a real life Judo coach. Here are some of the photos…

Extreme Earth

During our Spring topic –Extreme Earth- we discover the forces of Mother Nature.

In English, we will begin by creating dilemmas in our ‘disaster narratives’, by using dialogue and imagery to advance the action. After investigating the Nepal earthquake disaster (2015), we will write an official report on the effectiveness of emergency aid and construct instructions on what to do to survive a natural disaster. Turning to autobiographies, we will research the French novelist, poet, and playwright Jules Gabriel Verne with further focus on his famous novel: Journey to the centre of the Earth.

In maths, we will continue to perfect our timetables skills and use reasoning to demonstrate our understanding of inverse calculations. This topic is perfect for measuring and statistics. Although we won’t be physically measuring magma temperatures we will compare earth extremes in temperature, height, mass and speed! It’s going to be an extremely busy term!

Geography and science subjects will help us to understand why extreme environments and natural disasters occur and how, as humans, we are using this knowledge to improve our ability to survive. Our trip to Magna will help bring the four elements to life; I’ve no doubt we will thoroughly enjoy all the hands on exhibitions!

During art, we will discover landscapes and perspective to create montages/sketching, influenced by the styles of Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh and Matisse. We will formulate questions regarding charities and how they help those in crisis as part of our global learning and finance education. 

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Autumn term memories....

Important Letters and Information

General information:

 We would just like to remind you of a few things…


Monday – Spelling Homework Given and Handed In


Monday and Friday – PE Kit


Wednesday – Hand in Topic Homework


Friday – Reading Diary Check



Thank you for visiting us and we hope you come back and see us soon!

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