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Welcome to Class 5 - November 2017 Update

 What a great start to Class 5 the children have had in class! They have all been working really hard to wrap their heads around the Year 6 curriculum and they have been developing their skills in checking their work to identify their mistakes and working to correct them. They have been learning that making mistakes and getting stuck isn't a bad thing; it's part of their journey to success!

On Monday, Class 5 worked with the British Red Cross charity in order to learn potentially life-saving first aid. There were plenty of discussions around whether they would be willing/able to help people in different situations and what their reactions would be to different circumstances. After, they were given 5 scenarios, with 5 different injuries and 5 key skills that they could use in order to provide first aid to these injuries. The children all behaved brilliantly well (something that was commented upon by Pippa, who delivered our session), and came away learning something new. You can see the photos of the children working to match up the scenarios with the injuries with the key actions in the slideshow above. We will be practising putting people into the recovery position during our PE sessions too.

Class 5 have also enjoyed their first visit of the year to Magna, where they explored the pavilions (Fire, Earth, Water and Air), with a focus on the fire pavilion to aid their knowledge and understanding of electricity and heat conduction. They also enjoyed watching the Big Melt, where the process of making steel in the factory as it was before the days of Magna was explained, along with some fantastic pyrotechnics! In the afternoon, they took part in a workshop where they had to create circuits using several different components, only they had to find out which materials were insulators (and therefore couldn't be used in their circuits) and which were conductors. They then had to create the biggest circuit they could, which involved a motorised fan, and had to dry a piece of cloth. The people who dried their cloth the most were the winners! This was Phoebe A, Katie N and Grace W - well done girls! Another interesting element of the circuit was a reed switch, which contained two miniscule pieces of metal, which were activated by a magnet, essentially completing the circuit without having to touch the circuit itself. It was fascinating! Please enjoy the slideshow of our photos below!