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Useful forms and documents

Here are some forms / documents that you may find useful (particularly if you are not able to get into school - and when you have waited in vain for your child to bring one home!).

In all instances, we provide them in both PDF and Word document formats where possble. If your version of Word can't open the file, please try the PDF version.

Please note that we cannot accept completed forms via email - we need a paper copy since many require a signature.

Documents & Forms

School Holiday Pattern 2017-2018.pdfDownload
Dates Sept 17.pdfDownload
Leave request form template Sept 2017.docxDownload
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School Meal Requirements

If your child wishes to change from sandwiches to school dinners, or vice versa, please complete this form. NB: 2 weeks’ notice is usually required to action this change.

School Meal Requirements.jpgDownload
Cool Milk registration Form.pdfDownload
Week 1 Menu (1).pdfDownload
Week 2 Menu (1).pdfDownload
Week 3 Menu (1).pdfDownload
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Uniform Order Form

Please complete a form and send it to school along with your cheque payment (made payable to APC Clothing) – check the weekly newsletter to let you know the deadline date for each order.

Uniform Order Form.pdfDownload
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Out of School Club – Booking Form

Please complete and return this booking form to Mrs Faxon / Miss Lockwood if you wish to book your child into breakfast / after school club. If you have not used the club previously you will need to complete a registration form (available to download from the Hoylandswaine Owls page).

Out of School Club Admissions Form - PDF version.pdfDownload
Out of School Club Admissions Form - Microsoft Word version.docDownload
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Prescribed Medication Form

Please complete a form if your child has to have any medicine administered at school that has been prescribed by your GP.

Prescribed Medication Form.pdfDownload
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Online Payment System - School Money.pdfDownload
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School Information / Policies

School Council Welcome Booklet.docxDownload
OFSTED REPORT 2015- Covering Letter.pdfDownload
OFSTED Report.pdfDownload
Governor End of Year Report.pdfDownload
Prospectus April 2017.pdfDownload
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School Council

School Council Meeting Minutes- September 2016.pdfDownload
School Council Meeting Minutes- November 2016.pdfDownload
School Council Meeting Minutes- January 2017.pdfDownload
School Council Meeting Minutes- March 2016.pdfDownload
School Council Meeting April 2017.docDownload
School Council Meeting Sept 2017.docDownload
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Please see link below for information about school admissions

School Admissions.pdfDownload
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Behaviour and Safety Talk

Behaviour and Safety Talk- October 2016.docxDownload
Behaviour and Safety Talk- March 2016.docxDownload
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Pupil Premium

Click the link below for information on pupil premium

Please click here for sports premium information

Pupil Premium Expenditure.pdfDownload
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Home/School Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement.docxDownload
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Privacy Notice- Data Protection Act 1998

Please see link below for information about data control at our school

Privacy Notice.pdfDownload
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School Curriculum

Please see link below for information on the school curriculum

LTP Year B.pdfDownload
School Curriculum.pdfDownload
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Parental Involvement Policy.docDownload
Lettings Policy.pdfDownload
Handwriting Policy.docxDownload
Food policy.pdfDownload
Educational Visits Policy.pdfDownload
Drug Policy.pdfDownload
Confidentiality policy.pdfDownload
Collective Worship Policy.pdfDownload
Teaching and Learning Policy.docDownload
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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Offer


Please click on the link below to read information about the Local Authority SEND offer: 


Please click on the links below for more information

What will happen if my child is identified as having SEND prior to entering school.pdfDownload
What is a disability.pdfDownload
What is a special educational need.pdfDownload
What extra-curricular activities are available for children with SEND.pdfDownload
What arrangements are in place for securing staff expertise in supporting children with SEND.pdfDownload
How effective is the School's provision for children with special educational needs.pdfDownload
How will the school support and improve the social and emotional development of pupils with SEND.pdfDownload
How accessible is the school for pupils with SEND.pdfDownload
How will my child's learning needs be assessed and their progress monitored.pdfDownload
What can I expect the school to be do in order to meet my child's special educational needs.pdfDownload
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Please click on the link below to view our SEND Information Report.

SEND Local Offer.pdfDownload
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Welcome to our special educational needs and disability (SEND) information pages. We hope you will enjoy reading about the variety of ways in which we are able to support your child to reach his or her full potential in order to ensure a successful transition into adult life.

We are an inclusive school and believe that all children should be valued and treated with respect. The school uses its best endeavours to ensure that the provision for all its pupils is of the highest possible standard, whilst acknowledging that we are continually striving to improve our practice.

We recognise that pupils learn at different rates and that there are many factors affecting achievement, including ability, emotional state, age and maturity. We are particularly aware of the needs of our younger pupils, for whom maturity is a crucial factor in terms of readiness to learn.

We understand that many pupils, at some time in their school career, may experience difficulties which affect their learning, and we recognise that these may be long or short term.

At Hoylandswaine Primary School we aim to identify these needs as they arise and provide teaching and learning contexts which enable every child to achieve to his or her full potential. We are committed to narrowing the attainment gap between children with SEND and their non-SEND peers and work to achieve this in variety of different ways.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Judi Gallagher

Our SEN Governor is Mr Mark Pawson.

The School works with due regard to the SEN Code of Practice (2014) and the Equality Act (2010).