Grant Expenditure

Total Funding Allocated 2016-17 = £8,575

PESS Outcome Actions to Achieve Planned Funding Actual Funding Evidence & Actual Impact
 Competitive School Sport 1) Entry to Team Activ Competition Program for Academic Year  1) £1380  1) £   Children have the opportunity to develop competitive, team work and leadership skills in an age appropriate competitive environment against children of the same age from the local area. They are able to measure their own skills against these other children and, in some cases, go onto compete at higher levels
Physical Education

1) Weekly Support provided by Team Activ for Acdemic Year

2) Foundation Stage Festival

1) £3240

2) £1000

1) £ 

2) £

Children receive high quality instruction from specialist sports staff with sporting qualifications and expertise. This instruction allows them to develop their own skills beyond a basic level and gives them access to other avenues of sporting provision outside of the school.
Healthy Active Lifestyles

1) Weekly School Activity Clubs provided by Team Activ engaging different pupils throughout the year

1) £2450

1) £ 

The school is able to provide a larger number of clubs for a wider range of sports for the enjoyment and achievement of the children within school. They are introduced to a broad range of sports and can identify sports that they both enjoy and are successful it leading to good habits and hobbies being established from an early age
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