Healthy Active Lifestyles

Ensuring all our pupils have access to regular exercise

Objectives Outcomes
  • To increase the children’s participation in a range of sporting activities at the end of the school day to promote healthy lifestyles. 
  • Children have access to a wide range of sporting activities.
  • Costs for parents have been limited due to subsidisation.
  • Children have opportunities to engage in sporting activities they may not have experienced before. 


Extra Curricular Activities

Key stage 2 running club (Team Activ)
Key stage 1 multi-skills club (Team Activ)


Key stage 2 morning football club (Bruce Dyer)

Key stage 2 morning goal ball club (Sports Coach)

Key Stage 2 morning circuits club (Sports Coach)



Owls (Our Wraparound Care)

  • Has a sporting programme every evening involving football, basketball, dodgeball, cricket and other physical activity and games



Additional Activities

  • At Hoylandswaine we have a play leader every lunchtime who runs sports activities on the field.
  • Year 5’s take part in Bikeability in May each year.
  • We attend Robinwood with our Year 5/6 children in spring where they participate in outward bound activities.
  • During summer months children are given the option to run the Daily mile during lunchtime