About our curriculum

The curriculum we offer at our school is designed to be exciting, engaging, and thought-provoking for our students. We believe that education should go beyond the acquisition of knowledge and should inspire a passion for learning.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a wide range of stimulating and immersive experiences that capture the imaginations of our students. From hands-on experiments and creative projects to thought-provoking discussions and real-world applications, our curriculum aims to ignite curiosity and foster critical thinking skills. We are committed to providing an educational journey that is both enriching and enjoyable for your child, preparing them for a successful future in an ever- changing world.

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School Statistics

Hoylandswaine Primary School is a small rural school that plays an integral part in the local community. There are currently 90 pupils on roll, with the admission limit of 20 pupils per year group. There are 5 classes currently: FS2,  year 1 and  year 2 mixed,  year 3 and 4 mixed, year 4 and 5 mixed and a year 6. 

Hoylandswaine is proud to be part of HCAT since 1st September 2023. The development of HCAT is rooted in ensuring that children received a world class education. Children get one chance at their school education and we believe that, by schools working effectively in collaboration, we can ensure that one chance unlocks the potential for lifelong learning for all of our children.

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