Hoylandswaine Primary School

Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together

Haigh Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 7JJ







The new Annual Report to parents can be downloaded here

 Govenors' Annual Report to Parents 2017-18 (003).pdfDownload
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Hoylandswaine Primary is a small rural school that works hand-in-hand with families and plays an integral part in the local community. We ensure the environment is safe, healthy and inclusive and free from prejudice and discrimination where all feel valued and supported. 

Our aim is to equip children with an understanding of the wider world so that they engage effectively in modern society, moving forward with resilience, tenacity and confidence as independent thinkers who strive to become the very best they can be.  

We believe that as and when the children grow up and leave us, they will have gained solid social values and importantly, that they will have enjoyed their time at our school. 

The accountable body for the school is the ‘Governing Body for Hoylandswaine Primary School’ and it is made up individuals who are either nominated or elected to represent the Local Authority, parents, and school staff or those who are co-opted on to the Governing Body because of the interpersonal or business skills they possess. We are a dedicated group of volunteers and staff who invest a huge amount of goodwill and hard work into improving the education of every child in the school. We are often in and around school and would like to think that we are approachable by all parents.

The governors are the key strategic decision makers and vision setters and we have a legal responsibility for the overall accountability of the school to the Local Authority and Ofsted. Governing bodies have a vital role to play in driving up school and pupil performance and ensuring that resources are used well to give every child the best possible education and it is our role to focus on these core functions.

Each year we publish a statement of what we have achieved and what our priorities are for the following year; this can be viewed either via the link above or on the School Information section of the website. 





 Mr Mark Pawson and Ms Helen Sanderson

LA Representative

Mr Mark Pawson


Ms Laura Cole

Staff Representative

Mr Damien Bond

Parent Representatives

Ms Rebecca Burton, Ms Amanda Rose, Ms Helen Kirkby

Co-opted Governors

Mr Richard Punshon; Ms Helen Sanderson; Ms Helen Ball, Vacancy

Associate Members



Governors are recruited based on their skill set or their ability to learn and develop, and their ability to commit the necessary time to the role. Members of the governing body serve for a period of four years. Chairs are appointed annually. Associate Members have no voting rights but are in all other ways equal to full governors.

The Governors Register of Business Interests and meeting attendance for 2018- 2019 and  2017-18 can be downloaded here

 Registration_of_Business_Interests_Summary and Attendance 2018-19.docxDownload
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 Registration_of_Business_Interests_Summary and Attendance 2017-18.docxDownload
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Committee Structure

Governing Body (Board)

Sets the strategic direction of the school and provides challenge and support to the Headteacher by asking insightful questions in relation to the School Development Plan, key performance data and the school’s statutory duties. All governors and associates are members of the Board.

Monitoring & Standards Committee

Investigates in detail statistical performance data, staff and governor monitoring reports and monitors progress towards achieving the year’s objectives and their impact on progress, attainment and teaching standards. Members: Mark Pawson (Chair), LC, DB, RB, RP, HS

Finance & Risk Committee

Sets the school budget and monitors in-year spend against forecast. Maintains the risk register, monitors asset management and approves financially related polices and procedures. Members: Amanda Rose (Chair), LC, MP, DB.

Personnel & Pay Committee

Performance manages the Headteacher, assists in the recruitment of new staff, is responsible for all staff issues including appraisal and pay and approves staff-related policies and procedures. Members: Helen Ball (Chair), LC, RB, MP.

Owls Committee

Sets the strategic direction of the wrap around care provision, monitors income generation, and approves policies and procedures specifically related to the provision: Helen Sanderson (Chair), RP, HK, Carol Oxley and Lucy Lockwood.


Minutes from all meetings are held by the Local Authority and can be viewed in school upon request.

Monitoring School Performance

Individual governors are responsible for monitoring and reporting back on specific areas of the curriculum or statutory duties.

Early Years and the Arts

Helen Ball


Helen Kirkby

Health &  Safety and Safeguarding

Helen Sanderson


Rebecca Burton

Parental Involvement

Rebecca Burton


Mark Pawson

SEND & Sports Premium 

Mark Pawson


Mark Pawson


Statement of Behaviour Principles