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Below you will find useful information aimed at supporting parents and children through the challenging situation we are currently working within.

COVID Catch Up Premium

For the 2020/21 year the school has received a catch up premium from the DfE. Some of this will provide additional support to children who receive free school meals but most of it will be available to spend on the needs of all children. We are spending this on the following:

  • Our deputy headteacher, Mr Bond, will become non-teaching for this year
  • Part of his role will be dedicated to pupil wellbeing and mental health, working with children who have struggled to deal with the issues they face this year, both related to the pandemic and to wider issues
  • Another part of this role will be to support parents in adapting to the situation, again whether this is pandemic related or otherwise
  • A further part of Mr Bond's role is to oversee and implement remote learning through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) supporting teachers with planning, assessment and delivering training as well as supporting children and parents to access this when they are unable to attend school
  • The final, and most sizeable, part of Mr Bond's role is to undertake a Same Day Intervention programme each afternoon with children throughout school. A system is in place that allows teachers to identify which children have struggled with learning in the morning, notify Mr Bond over lunchtime and then enable Mr Bond to work with those individuals or small groups to reteach or consolidate the morning's learning. In this way, all children will be better prepared to access the planned learning for the following day and children will not get left behind

We will assess the effectiveness of our use of the catch up premium in the following way:

  • Evaluations and assessments by teachers of how quickly any gaps are narrowing
  • Use of Mr Bond's own logging system to track the progress and frequency of visits for individuals to highlight where further support is needed
  • Verbal feedback and discussions with the children
  • Verbal feedback from parents
  • Parent surveys and other written feedback
  • Assessment data for key dates (end of each term) with a large proportion of children reaching the levels they should be reaching (as opposed to the assessments conducted in Sept 2020 which showed their starting point after the full return to school)
  • Overall end of Key Stage Attainment in core areas meets or exceeds national standards
  • Overall end of KS2 progress measures show average or above progress levels in core areas

Risk Assessment

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Guide

Remote Education Review - February 2021