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Subject Leader: Mr Bond

Hoylandswaine's Subject Stories

Subject stories are unique to Hoylandswaine and are central to our broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum offer.  They give our vision for the subject area throughout school. We have a bespoke subject story for each area of the curriculum, which has been written by the subject leader based on the national curriculum and what it looks like in our school. A subject story sets out our intent in that subject and what we as a school aim to offer every child to ensure that they succeed. They share how the subject is delivered and what you would expect to see in a typical lesson, with the resources that we have available. 

Hoylandswaine Primary School Knowledge Webs for Computing 2021/22

Our knowledge webs show how we carefully sequence our learning over the years in school so that pupils build up their knowledge of important concepts. The plans help us to ensure that all subjects reflect the scope and ambition of the national curriculum.

This term each class will be focussing on the following (End points are the knowledge that children need to secure and 'stick' as they progress through the computing curriculum):

Computing Vocabulary

Want to Know More?

Please feel free to contact Mr Bond if you require any further information about computing within school. Our e-safety page has a wealth of information about how to support your child and the procedures that we follow. You can also visit our Q&A page and find out more about the work of our Digital Leaders.

Local News

As we celebrated Safer Internet Day, ITV Yorkshire had asked if they could visit and complete a news section about the hard work that we do here at Hoylandswaine. We work closely with our partners Childnet International and the NSPCC, whom also participated in the section.

What is Coding?

Code is the language used to instruct computers. Facebook, your mobile apps and your browser are all made with code – it’s simply computer programming to you and me! And there are a range of different programming languages you can use – HTML, for example, is the computer code used to create web pages.

Computing Websites

Have a go at some of these coding applications and websites:

Code.org - Hour of Code


 Blocky Games

 Tynker - Hour of Code

Internet Safety Band Runner


Policies and Documents

Please find our latest policies and documents for computing below.

 Computing Policy February 2020.pdfDownload
 Data Breach Policy.pdfDownload
 E-Safeguarding Policy April 2021.pdfDownload
 Information Security Policy.pdfDownload
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