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Phonics and Reading

Subject Leader: Mrs Bromley and Mrs Cole

Hoylandswaine's Subject Stories 

Subject stories are unique to Hoylandswaine and are central to our broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum offer. We have a bespoke subject story for each area of the curriculum, which has been written by the subject leader to reflect the national curriculum and how it looks at our school. A subject story sets out our intent in that subject and what we as a school aim to offer every child to ensure that they succeed. They share how the subject is delivered and what you would expect to see in a typical lesson, with the resources that we have available. Furthermore, they share the many achievements and successes of the subject.

Hoylandswaine Primary School Knowledge Web for Reading

Our knowledge webs show how we carefully sequence our learning over the years in school so that pupils build up their knowledge of important concepts. The plans help us to ensure that all subjects reflect the scope and ambition of the national curriculum.

Hoylandswaine's Long Term Plans

Long term plans ensure we can see what children will learn  throughout their school journey in each subject of the national curriculum.

Read Write Inc

At Hoylandswaine we follow the RWI Phonic scheme of work.  This is a fun, fast paced and interactive phonic programme that we deliver daily throughout Reception and Year 1.  The sounds taught to children are broken down into 3 sets and these can be found below.  Our aim is for all our children to fluent in set 1, 2 and 3 sounds by the end of Year 1.  

 RWI Set 1 Sounds.pptDownload
 RWI Set 2 Sounds.pptxDownload
 RWI Set 3 Sounds.pptxDownload
 RWI Sounds and Rhymes Set 1, 2 and 3.pdfDownload
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Quality Texts

We have carefully planned our reading  curriulum to give our children exposure to a range of  quality texts that will give them to skills to read with confidence and most importantly instill a love of reading.  Many of these texts have been selected from the 5 Plagues of Reading Spine, and a copy of this can be found below.  This is a great suggested reading list for your child throughout their time at primary school so parents may wish to purchase some of these books themselves.

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Reading Vipers

Comprehension is a key part of the reading curriulum.  We use Reading Vipers to support with the different aspects of reading comprehension.  These are:  Vocabulary, Infer,Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Sequence.   Reading Vipers for KS1 and KS2 can be found below.

 Reading Vipers KS1.pdfDownload
 Reading Vipers KS2.pdfDownload
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