Hoylandswaine Primary School

Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together

Haigh Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 7JJ





Subject Leader: Miss Mann

Hoylandswaine's Subject Stories

Subject stories are unique to Hoylandswaine and are central to our broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum offer. We have a bespoke subject story for each area of the curriculum, which has been written by the subject leader. A subject story sets out our intent in that subject and what we as a school aim to offer every child to ensure that they succeed. They share how the subject is delivered and what you would expect to see in a typical lesson, with the resources that we have available. Furthermore, they share the many achievements and successes of the subject.

Hoylandswaine's Progression Maps and Long Term Plans

Progression maps share the gradual progression of curriculum knowledge and skills that children are taught in a subject. These knowledge and skills have been linked to the topics covered in each class where possible. They serve to ensure that children have the opportunity to build upon new knowledge and skills, as well as review their learning, to ensure that their knowledge sticks.

Long term plans inform teachers and parents of what children will learn in each term throughout their school journey in each subject area. This enables teachers to understand what knowledge and skills a child has already gained and what they need to learn next in order to reach their end of milestone expectations. You can find out more about our bespoke Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum on Our School Curriculum  page.