Hoylandswaine Primary School

Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together

Haigh Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 7JJ





Hoylandswaine Primary School is a popular primary school. Throughout the school year, we can arrange tours of the school that give prospective parents/carers and children a valuable insight into our school, how we work and our facilities. These visits are by appointment only and to find out more information and/or make an appointment then please contact the school office on 01226 762027.

The formal admission process in obtaining a place at Hoylandswaine is undertaken by Barnsley Authority.

Admissions to Hoylandswaine Primary School

Under rules issued by the Government, parents have the right to apply for a place at any school in Barnsley or the surrounding district regardless of their address. It is necessary to apply during the Autumn Term for children of statutory school age who will be eligible for primary school starting the following September.

Further information on the school’s admissions policy and procedure for applying for a school place can be found online at:


The oversubscription criteria is applied when the number of applications exceed the admission number for the school.

Children who have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan which names the school are required to be admitted for community and voluntary controlled schools in Barnsley priority will be given in the following order:

  • Looked after children and previously looked after children
  • Children who will have brothers or sisters in school at the time of admission
  • Children living nearest to school (distance measured in a straight line)


If your child has been refused a place at Hoylandswaine Primary or another school named on your application form or transfer form, you have the right to refer your case to an independent appeal panel for consideration. Click the link below for further details:

Appeals (barnsley.gov.uk)